The irreplaceable charm and natural beauty of a wood fence in Springfield, VA instantly increases the curb appeal and value of your property while providing a variety of valuable functions. Regardless of the type of wood or style of wood fence, the recent extreme arctic cold combined with long periods of damaging freeze-thaw cycles can really wreak havoc with your fence.

The Northern Virginia fence experts at Hal Co have 33 years of experience with the design, construction and installation of finely-crafted fences, decks, and screened porches. Our team compiled this list of winter care tips for your wood fence in Springfield, VA to make sure your wood fence is well protected during this harsh winter and prepared to stand strong and look its best as we welcome the showers of spring.

  1. This may seem fundamental, but your best protection against fence deterioration and damage is to hire a licensed fence contractor to install your fence. When a wood fence is properly selected and installed you ensure manufacturer warranty conditions are honored, your fence performance will meet the demands of your environment, and that all building, HOA, and local laws and regulations are satisfied.
  2. Monitor the progression of storms to remain aware of any potential water drainage and erosion issues to expect so you can prevent pools of standing water or immediately address landscape damage that could affect your wood fence.
  3. In addition to regular inspections of your wood fence in Springfield, VA, do a thorough visual check after a major weather event. Depending on any damage found and the length of your wood fence, you may want to take photographs to share with your insurance company, identify and discuss the existing conditions with a professional or via the internet, or share with your local hardware/home improvement store to identify and match materials to repair and restore your wood fence.
  4. While painting or staining a wood fence wraps the wood in a protective barrier against the elements, paint is superficial and can chip and peel. Always following manufacturer’s instructions and applicable laws, stain your wood fence with eco-friendly products. They seep deep into the wood grain, sealing it on a cellular level to further extend the life of your wood fence in Springfield, VA.
  5. Snow, dirt, and ice buildup can cause extreme damage to a wood fence. Snow melt seeps into cracks and crevices in the wood. As the absorbed moisture freezes and thaws it contracts and expands, slowly forcing the board to crack and split. Keep your wood fence free of accumulating ice and snow. You will help prevent warping and breakage from the additional weight and, by permitting air to freely circulate around the fence boards and posts, water absorbed by your fence will evaporate more rapidly and your fence will dry more quickly.

At Hal Co, we know fences. If we can help answer questions, provide repair assistance, or even a simple inspection and recommendation, please let us know.