Wood fencing has been the most popular type of fencing on our soil for 400 years. According to Thomas Baker, author for This Old House magazine, Americans installed 59,000 miles of it in 2007 alone, enough to circle the globe at least twice.

The real beauty of wood fencing is possibility. With a wide selection of wood materials, fence styles, and design options, you can create wood fencing for your Manassas, VA property that is uniquely suited to your architecture, landscape, needs, and budget.

There are several basic criteria you need to review when planning for the installation of wood fencing. Since this is an investment in your property, careful consideration can help avoid pitfalls and problems and assure you get the fence you need, installed properly, at a fair price.

  • Wood Fence Parameters
    The size of the enclosure area, fence height and materials will dictate your fence cost. Prices are quoted in linear feet. The type of wood species you select, the purpose of your wood fencing, and any additional design features (gates, post caps, toppers, lighting, et. al.) will impact your cost.
  • Installation of Wood Fencing in Manassas, VA
    If you are a do-it-yourselfer, make sure you know your building codes and, if applicable, any by-laws of your home owner’s association. Specific local requirements regarding fence materials, post-hole footings, picket spacing and setback distances from property lines will factor in to your fence planning.

    Make sure to contact Miss Utility of Virginia early in your planning process as the presence of underground utilities could also change your parameters. And, sharing your plan with adjoining neighbors is critical to prevent any unforeseen complications. It is also important to have a survey of your property boundaries to avoid any legal controversy over your fence.

    Most homeowners choose to hire a reputable professional fence contractor with training and experience in wood fencing installation in Manassas. Verify licensing, insurance, references and inquire about product warranties.

  • Wood Fencing Materials
    Investigate the different wood species used in wood fencing. Choices range from more economical Southern White Pine and Western Red Cedar, to naturally rot and pest-resistant Cypress and Redwood. Experts recommend purchasing the highest quality wood you can afford to minimize maintenance and deterioration and prolong the life of your wood fencing in Manassas, VA.
  • Fence Design Factors
    Your fence design hinges on the reasons you are installing your wood fence. From privacy and security, to a beautiful landscape feature, designs include solid privacy, delicate picket, modern louver, vertical board, and traditional post and rail. Get creative.

With proper installation and care, your wood fencing in Manassas, VA will perform for 15-20 years. Following these criteria you will make a completely informed decision in selecting the right wood fencing for your home in Manassas, VA.