Even though the white picket fence is perhaps one of the most common types of fences, some homeowners elect to leave their fence natural in appearance. Even though these picket fences are no longer white, they still hold the same qualities and characteristics of their traditional counterparts. And if the white picket fence has come to be a symbol of suburbia, it is still the classic icon of American homes and all fences – even in the Stafford, VA area.

White picket fences are typically considered a way to define your property boundaries, rather than keeping anything in – or out – of your yard in Dale City, VA. In reality, the majority of homeowners installing a picket fence – white or otherwise – do so to enhance the beauty and traditional feel of their home. Picket fences are commonly used in conjunction with flowers, bushes and vines, giving an endless assortment of color combinations and floral palates. The picket fence gives your Northern Virginia home a welcoming feel and practically invites your neighbors in to visit.

The traditional picket fence is not designed to provide high security or a great deal of privacy screening. It is a way to demarcate your property boundary and keep in smaller pets and children while presenting an open and friendly feel to neighbors and passers by.

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