Balancing privacy with neighborhood harmony.

A privacy fence is critical in allowing for your family to enjoy a space of your own without the intrusion of prying eyes, while also providing protection for small children and pets. But remember, a privacy fence on your Northern Virginia property works both ways – it screens-out unpleasant sights and sounds from your yard, but is also provides a blocked view for your neighbors. If the fence between you and your neighbors is attractive and well built, they are likely to be as happy with it as you.

The most common type of privacy fence is considered a hardscape model – wood, stone or even vinyl privacy fences that are quickly installed and last for many years. These types of fences are easy to maintain and are sturdy enough to withstand the elements of the Dumfries, VA weather. Another benefit of a hardscape fence is the low maintenance requirement. Homeowners are busy, and the idea of spending large amounts of your free time tending to the privacy fence is not typically high on the list of priorities.

The standard types of privacy fence also allow for easy landscaping around the fence and within the confines of it as well. Rather than simply making room for landscaping, a privacy fence provides a great border for the landscaping design. So whether you seek form only, or form and function together, a traditional privacy fence may be perfect for your needs.

You should discuss your fencing options with your neighbors wherever possible. In many cases, neighbors will share the expense of a privacy fence, especially if it is installed on a shared property line. Even though this may be a conversation you dread, having it can save you money and will likely ease any tension that may arise from installing a privacy fence. Keep in mind though, if you share the expense you must also be open to sharing the design aspect. After all, if your Northern Virginia neighbor is going to share in the expense, he does have a right to have input on its appearance. You should also check whether city and county ordinances restrict your approach to fence building.

For more information on choosing the right privacy fence for your Northern Virginia property, contact the fence experts at Hal Co Fence today.