When a new product surfaces, or even a relatively new product, most people have questions but are typically unsure where to begin their search for answers – and vinyl fencing is not any different. When it comes to vinyl fencing for homeowners, the questions may be a little different, but most people know to turn to Hal Co Fence for answers they can trust. Choosing a fence is a question of durability, aesthetics, strength and maintenance costs, and vinyl fencing has distinct advantages for the right application.

What is vinyl fencing made of?

The base ingredient of vinyl fencing is rigid polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, homopolymer compound that contains a high level of titanium dioxide pigment. The titanium dioxide pigment (the white stuff in sunscreen) is used to increase the long-term ultraviolet light resistance of PVC, and to improve strength and longevity. The material is quite similar to that used in the construction of vinyl siding and windows, products that most property owners are familiar with.

Are there color options to select from in the vinyl fence market?

While some companies may offer more than the standard white and almond vinyl fences, most vinyl fences don’t stray too far. The titanium dioxide used to create the strength and ultraviolet ray resistant material is white, making tinting it to a uniform color somewhat difficult. Also, dark colors will attract and absorb the sun rays and heat, which could ultimately lead to warping, sagging, sun damage and other damage to the vinyl fence.

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