In December 2012, Gov. Bob McDonnell announced the Virginia Enhanced Conservation Initiative (VECI). This new initiative will help farmers keep livestock out of waterways and manage grazing on pastureland. McDonnell says keeping livestock out of rivers and streams will reduce water pollution and contamination. New Fences will be part of the VA initiative.

Gov. Bob McDonnell is putting $3 million into a program called Virginia Agricultural Best Management Practices Cost-Share Program (VACS). VECI is part of that program.

This new program will now reimburse farmers up to 100 percent of the cost of installing stream exclusion systems. (In the past, reimbursement was limited to 75 percent.) Stream exclusion systems include fences, vegetative buffers and other features that prevent livestock from entering nearby waterways. Farmers in the program have to provide cattle other sources of water.

If you would like to apply to the program, you can contact their local district office for more information about VECI, as well as other incentive programs. To locate the nearest district office, visit

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