WP Live Scraper Pro

Updating Your content Has Never Been Easier

WP Live Scraper Pro provides a shortcode that can be used in any post or page and will automatically refresh scraped content with a recurring cron schedule. This can be used for events, ratings, reviews, scores, rankings and so much more!

Web Scraping (also termed Screen Scraping, Web Data Extraction, Web Harvesting etc) is a technique employed to extract data from websites whereby the data is extracted and displayed on your site.

Most of the web scraping software available is hard to use and needs advanced knowledge. WP Live Scraper Pro makes it simple with an easy to use visual interface on your WordPress site.

Refresh Schedule
Hourly, Twice Daily, Daily, Every Two Days, Every Three Days, Weekly, Every Two Weeks, Monthly

Load JavaScript
Some content may need javascript enabled to display correctly. Check this box to enable javascript while selecting content.

Load Restricted Image Content
Some images will not load due to cross domain conflicts. Use this feature to load these restricted images. However, it doesn’t work with all server configurations. Use with caution.

Content Preview
See a live preview of your selected content.

Update Content Botton
When editing you can update to see how your options will effect your selected content.

Format Options
Format tables – remove links – add or remove source link.

HTML Elements
Strip All, Include All or Include Specific HTML Elements.

Inline CSS
You can include inline css for any Live Scrape with an ID…………

Include Images
Choice to include images when strip all html is choosing .

CSS selectors
The ability to edit the CSS selectors.

Content Selection

A visual interface is included for selecting content that will help you on a single scrape or on a preset configuration.

You may select as much content as you wish by simply highlighting and selecting or deselecting the blocks of content to import.

This is a feature that can be used to remove unwanted blocks of data such as:
Social icons
And much more…

*CSS selectors will change from site to site, Results will vary.

Updating Your content Has Never Been Easier