Finance Training

The below training materials were originally created for the finance transformation project and upgrade to SAP S4 Hana in July 2018. The finance project was one of a three phased transformation impacting almost all business processes. The Transform Purdue project was completed in January 2019 with the upgrade to SuccessFactors. SAP S4 Hana role documentation and role request information is available online. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) outlined how to handle attachments and payroll retroactivity.

The below materials continue to be updated. The materials are organized by business process or function.

The Governance Manual is the primary source of truth and outlines the financial structure, including detailed information in regards to funded program type, department account classification and even common commitment items.    The following presentations were used to introduce the new structure:

SAP 101 was a session used to introduce the new structure previous to deployment.

Journal Vouchers Quick References
FV50 – Create Journal Entry FV50 is used to transfer funds between departments.
FV50 Approvals and Workflow Outlines the steps required to approve FV50 transactions, such as reviewing back-up documentation.
FB03 – Attachments and Workflow Provides directions on how to display documents and attach documentation. This transaction is used to provide supporting documentation for ZV60 and FV50.
Master Data (Create/Add) Quick References
CJ02 – Add Element to Work Breakdown Structure WBS Business Managers, Assistant DFA and DFAs can add elements to a node within the work breakdown structure (WBS). This is helpful with faculty allocations.
KO01 – Create Internal Order QRG Business Managers, Assistant DFA and DFAs can request new internal orders.
Planning Quick References
Create a Plan Using the Plan Upload Template (WBSE) This quick reference also links to the upload template used to create plans for the WBS.
Create or Edit a Plan Using Tcode CJR2 Use Tcode CJR2 to create or edit one plan at a time.
Create a Plan in SAP (IO) This quick reference defines how to create a plan for an internal order.
Accounts Receivable

The below documentation relates to invoice processing through the FI-AR (Accounts Receivables) SAP module

AR 101 – FIAR is an online course outlining the steps an invoicing department will perform. Access to the accounts receivable role or module is limited. 

Business Process Business Partner References Invoicing Department References
FIAR Invoice Process

BP – Search for Business Partner Record – Customer

ZAR_UPLOAD – Creating Customer Invoices Using Upload Program
  FI_AR_INV – Reprinting  Customer Invoice
  FBL5N – Display Customer Line Items
  SAP Report Field Descriptions
  FD10N – Customer Balance Display

Approvals and Workflow

FV50 Approvals and Workflow Provides instruction on how to validate and verify documentation and approve or reject. Approvals are rejected when edits are required. 
ZV60 Approvals and Workflow
Viewing SAP Fiscal Approver Table Displays which position is assigned as an approver for the indicated fund center, business area or level.
Setting Substitute Approvers Provides instruction on how to create substitutes.
Signature Delegation
The following modules can be accessed through Success Factors Learning Platform using the link below:

Success Factors Training modules

  • SIGDEL 101 – Signature Delegation Deep Dive Training
  • SIGDEL 150 – Budget Approver Training – SuccessFactors
  • SIGDEL 200 – Fiscal Approver Training – Financial Transactions and Operating Funds
  • SIGDEL 201 – Fiscal Approver Training – Grant Specific Considerations
Purdue Reseach Foundation (PRF-SDIP)
School Discretionary and Institutional Program (SDIP) funds are unrestricted charitable contributions made by alumni, friends, corporations, staff, and faculty for use by the receiving units. These contributions are donated to fund expenditures that will enhance program and departmental missions, goals and objectives within the unit designated by the donor and are held by the Purdue Research Foundation (PRF). Units can request disbursements of the funds into university accounts to fund university activities. These disbursements are made on a biweekly basis via Automatic Clearing House (ACH) transactions. To request a disbursement of funds from their units PRF SDIP account, units should complete the Discretionary Fund Request form below:

Questions can be directed to

Asset Management
The below documentation relates to how locate assets, change equipment status, location or funding source. Assets Showcase

Electronic Form Asset Details (Transaction AS03)
Electronic Form Submission Access Asset Details
Electronic Form SAP Tables  Access Asset Details – Multiple Funding Resources
  Access Asset Details – Using Serial Number
  AS03 – Asset Module Field Details
AS03 – Locate History of an Asset
Finance Launchpad (SAP S4 Fiori)
FI 100 – Fiori Basics and Navigation An online course introducing SAP Fiori and demonstrating basic navigation.

Setting Substitute Approvers

Provides instruction on how to create substitutes.
Grants Management

The grants management session introduced the budget upload template for new awards, automated grant status change notifications and reviewed the cost sharing tab, cost share reconciliations and budget tool impact and revenue allocation.

Grants Management Showcase

The workflow approval implemented in July 2018 also affected the PreAuditor role. 

PreAuditor Training Resources Sub-Contractor Payment Approvals
BLCA 290 – JV Better Examples Approve a Sub-Contractor Payment Request
BLCA 290 – JV Poor Examples Setting Substitute Approvers
BLCA 290 – Revised PAR Better Examples
Sub-Contractor Payment Approval sneak peek
BLCA 290 – Revised PAR Poor Examples